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Transportation to Chichen itza - Piste
(213 kilometers / 131 miles from Cancun airport)
Estimated Trip Time: 2:15 minutes
Quote online and reserve your private transportation service from the Cancun Airport to any hotel or particular address in Chichen Itza or Pisté Town. Fill out the form below to display an instant quotation on screen.
Passengers including children & infants:
Hotel in Chichen Itza:
Important: This is not a one day tour service, it is for Cancun airport transportation to hotels in Chichen Itza. For one day tours, click on this link "Private & Public Tours".

Select your service
One way private service: Cancun Airport → Chichen Itza
Arrival date :
Arrival/service Time :

For ROUND TRIP fill out the rest of the information below. UNCHECK if you want ONE WAY service only and skip the fields below.
Departure date :
Pick up time in Chichen Itza :
- - Pickup Time
International passengers must check in a departure flight at least 2 hours in advance, to calculate the right pickup time add the estimated driving time from Chichen Itza to the airport.
Estimated Trip time: 2 ½ hours

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