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Request Booking Key

Enter your email address to get the Booking Key. We will send it to the email address you provided when making your reservation.

Where can I find the Booking Key?

Open your voucher. It's listed below the passenger's name. The reference number is NOT your Booking Key, it is composed of only six characters, like this format: R6U9OX

I can't seem to locate my confirmation email. How can I obtain the Key Code?

Open this link to request your Booking Key. Request Key.

Do I need to have a confirmed booking to get the Booking Key?

Yes. It is necessary to have a confirmed booking in order to access the webpage. The system will look for a match between the Booking Key and the provided email address.

I have numerous reservations under my name; do I need to check them all individually?

You do not need to check each booking separately if you have numerous confirmed bookings. With any of the codes entered, our system will search our database for a match between the Booking Key code and your email address.